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Benefits of Spinach For Weight Loss

Benefits of Spinach For Weight Loss

Do you ever wonder what the healthiest diet is? We hear and read so many contradictions that sometimes it seems as if no one knows the answer to this. One day it is said that the Spinach diet is the best and healthiest way to fall off, then you read in one or another magazine that low fat is the best way anyway. One source says that coconut oil is the healthiest fat on earth, while the other source is precisely the opposite. You can also check my last article about healthy food and commodities for you.

The chances are that you sometimes want to shout and you want to pull the hair out of your head. But that is not necessary. Although there are many contradictions, the scientifically is surprisingly clear.

In particular, it is the media that creates contradictions by misinterpreting, for example, new studies. This article I would like to talk about a relatively unknown diet, the so-called ‘ Nutritarian Diet ‘ created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Unfortunately, few people have ever heard of this, but because I consider it the healthiest diet, I would like to pay more attention to this.

Benefits of Spinach For Weight Loss

Spinach is very healthy and tasty for you, but is it also suitable to fall off and if so, how should you get it and eat it and what about nitrite formation? What should you consider if you want to lose weight with spinach and what should you look? Can you also drink green smoothies?

Lose Weight with spinach

That spinach is right for you, most people know. Can you lose weight with spinach? The answer: Yes. Spinach is very very good to get rid of weight. This is because of the many vitamins and fibers in it. It also includes iron, whatever you need for a healthy lifestyle. Spinach can be called a superfood or power food and thus has a lot of positive qualities. Spinach has barely calories but gives you a full feeling, which makes you feel less like unhealthy snacks.

Other positive features

Besides losing weight with spinach, there are also many other favorable properties to spinach. For example, spinach can cause the aging process to slow down. So you get fewer wrinkles and spinach works even better than an anti-wrinkle cream! Spinach also has a positive feature on your muscles, and the eating of spinach can prevent heart disease.

Nitrite formation

Many people are afraid of nitrite formation which is often warned of spinach. In spinach there are nitrates and a small part of it will be converted into nitrite by your body, and this is toxic. It would be especially dangerous to freeze spinach and warm it up again. These warnings used to be true, but nowadays there is little to worry. Spinach can, therefore, be frozen without any problems and will be eaten later.

How to eat spinach?

Want to lose weight with spinach? Then there are different ways to prepare the vegetable. You can cook it and stir fry or put in an oven dish. Spinach can be very well added to a pasta sauce.

Fresh or frozen spinach?

It does not matter if you eat fresh or frozen spinach. Both variants have useful features. The advantage of frozen spinach is that you can grab what you need. There are also several varieties for sale, such as spinach boursin. Fresh spinach is too delicious to do and also very easy to prepare. Both types can still be frozen perfectly after preparation.


Want to lose weight with spinach? That is quite possible, but you certainly should not see it as a panacea. So it is not necessary to eat it every day, which is best to eat spinach a few times a week. Since it can be used very well in many dishes, this should not be a problem.

Green Smoothies

All hip are the green smoothies. These always contain spinach and different types of fruit. The fruit does not taste the spinach. A green smoothie is delicious as breakfast and still healthy as well. It can help to fall off when you regularly drink these smoothies. Online There is an awful lot of recipes to find from green smoothies.You can see detail video to make green smoothie.

Healthy Lifestyle

Losing weight is not only possible by eating spinach. You will have to get yourself a healthy lifestyle. Eat three meals and three snacks a day and choose healthy products. Avoid chips, chocolate, sweets, and fried food. Movement is, of course, crucial: every day half an hour of moving is enough. Half an hour of walking, for example, can already make a big difference in your weight.

The 7 Healthy Food & Commodities You Should Eat Everyday

The 7 Healthy Food You Should Eat Everyday

Carrots, potatoes and herring. These three regular foods belong to an exclusive flock that mostly covers your needs for the most essential minerals and vitamins.

7 Healthy Food & Commodities For You

1. Red pepper-A vitamin C bomb

This beautiful and tasty fruit surpasses both oranges, lemons, and strawberries as regards the content of vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes iron uptake and is essential for the formation of collagen, which is included in our connective tissues, bones cartilage and teeth. Vitamin C is also essential for the body’s immune system.

Recommended daily Quantity: 75 mg vitamin C
100 g red pepper: 191 mg Vitamin C

2. Green beans-rich in folate

Beans are an excellent source of B vitamins, e.g., the B-Vitamin Folat. Folate is vital for the formation of red blood cells to carry oxygen around to body organs. Folate is also crucial to the ability of cells to divide, and it is especially important for us women. Studies show that a diet with a low content of folate is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. A sufficient intake of folate even before becoming pregnant also prevents malformations in the future child.

Recommended daily Quantity: 300 micrograms folate
100 g green beans: 64 micrograms folate

3. Skimmed milk-lime for the bones

Milk is important as a source of calcium, and here you can in good conscience drink the calorie-light foam or mini milk instead of sweet because you get a little more lime in a glass of skimmed milk than in whole milk. The calf is essential for bones and teeth, and already at a young age, it is crucial for women to build a good lime depot to avoid osteoporosis.

Recommended daily Quantity: 800-900 mg calcium
One glass of skimmed milk (200 ml): 248 mg calcium

4. Broccoli-strong on superpowers

Have you remembered to eat broccoli today? So congratulations! The benefits will help almost no end take. The green vitamin Bomb is filled with fibers, minerals, and healthy herbal substances.

The many small ramifications of the broccoli bouquets give a considerable surface area, and since it is on the surface the most potent herbal substances hiding, the counted cabbage gram for grams contains far more good cases than vegetables with a more even surface. Broccoli is, therefore, the vegetable with the highest content of Sulforaphane, a substance that in studies has been shown to inhibit cancer cells. At least in animals.

Recommended Daily Quantity: There is no official recommendation for the intake of antioxidants and secondary herbal substances, but as long as you eat them in natural form and not as dietary supplements, you can merely turn yourself loose!

You can find broccoli recipes in this video

5. Carrot-filled with vitamin A

The carrot is one of the coarse tuber vegetables. It contains slowly absorbing carbohydrates, few calories and is rich in fibers that keep the stomach in order. Also, the carrot is extra remarkable in having a tremendously high content of the beta-carotene. The beta-carotene is transformed in the body into vitamin A, which is essential for your vision and immune system.

Recommended Daily Quantity: 800 RE Vitamin A
1 large carrot: 756 RE Vitamin A

6. Rye bread-fabulous Whole grains

Rye bread is the portion of food and some of the very best you can offer your body in general. For example, you need to eat almost one and a half kilograms of rice to get as many fibers as you get by eating half a slice of rye bread, and a single slice contains a full 16 grams of whole grain.

When choosing bread with a high content of whole grains, you will get in addition to the starch shell, bran and germ from the grain, which means that entire grains have much more than dietary fibers on the menu – e.g., minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium, E and B vitamins, antioxidants and healthy Fatty acids.

Go for a dense rye bread, where rye figures are high in the ingredient list and where the fiber content is up to a minimum of 7 grams per 100 grams.

Recommended Daily Quantity: 25-35 g dietary fiber
1 slice full cross rye bread: 4.3 g dietary fiber

7. Liver-Provides plenty of vitamin B

Whether the liver comes from pigs, calf, ox, lamb or poultry, it is bursting with the essential B-vitamin Folate, which includes: The genetic mass of chromosome DNA. Also, all forms of liver vitamin A, iron, some vitamin C and selenium. The liver is also a lean piece of meat with very high protein content.

Recommended daily Quantity: 300 μg folate
100 g pig Liver: 1000 μg folate