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How to Choose the Right Blender for Making Smoothies

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Are you trying to figure out how to choose the best smoothie blender? Please keep in your mind, that not all blender could adequately do the tasks. Blenders come in various shapes and sizes and so do they serve different purposes. Durability, versatility, and blend quality are qualities to look out for in a blender.

Many things go into consideration when choosing a smoothie blender. You might as well go for the typical personal blender to either do a great job as a big one does or ruin the whole process.

Personal blenders with the right blade design and container design can do a great job blending basic smoothie ingredients. But, personal blenders have a lower wattage and can fail to achieve the right blend quality incapable of crushing ice & tougher ingredients.

This is probably the reason why I cannot find any personal blender is listed as the best blenders for smoothies, according to Perhaps this type of blender is not powerful enough due to the fact of low wattage that comes from this blender. This is why you want to invest in one of the top-rated high-performance blenders for a higher wattage with a high-speed motor.

In this article, you’ll learn all the qualities to look out for when choosing a smoothie blender.

Things to Consider When Buying a Blender

To know how to choose the right blender; understand what the desired end product quality needed in smoothies is. You’ll be dealing with different textures when making a smoothie. A particular blender can work better with certain surfaces to achieve certain qualities. The best way to nail this is to think of how you’ll use the blender most.

Blenders come in three different categories. There are traditional counter top blenders, personal blenders, and immersion blenders.

Personal blenders can be convenient if you use them in making a juice or smoothies every morning. On the other end, they may not carry the burden of doing higher tasks such as perfect ice crushing. This is why finding the best personal blender can be tricky since you don’t want to lose the versatility while you benefit the portability.

Meanwhile the higher wattage does not equal more excellent performance. A lower wattage might deliver more than expected.  Here are some few tips to help you sort out the blender of your choice.

How Many Smoothies are You Going to be Making?

Blenders come in different dimensions and tend to yield different quantities of smoothie per batch. This should be a starting point to narrowing down your best option. It depends on if you intend to buy a blender for your smoothie making, for whole house usage, or a business.

Choosing the right size of a blender can save you time and increase durability. Using a personal blender over and over again can cause the blender to breakdown sooner than expected. This is a decision that can help you lower down the cost and make sure your blender stays durable.

Are you Going to be Blending other Things than Fruits?

Blenders can serve so many different purposes with some not capable of doing other tasks. There are a lot of ingredients that go into a blender such as nuts, greens, and soups. Using different types of blenders to blend these items results in different consistencies of blend quality.

Things such as nuts and greens will need blenders with high-speed motors to get an even texture. High-speed motors can pulverize seeds and even improve the taste. Such blenders with high-speed motors have at least a recommended wattage of 350. Go for a countertop blender if you are willing to make other things than smoothies.

Features to Lookout For

There are certain essential features that a blender should have to make a great smoothie. More than the wattage contributes to how well your blender performs. The container design, blade design, and the speed of the blade all come into action. Some have square containers some round, and some have blades angle up. Some have many levels of blades. Many blenders have indentations along the sides to help control the ingredients towards the blades. All these are attributes that you should look out.

Below you will gain some insights on each of these factors and see how they work.

High-Speed Motor

A smoothie blender needs enough power to crush through ice and frozen fruits to give a smooth texture. Most blenders range from 500W-1250W of blade power. High-end countertop blender brands such as Vitamix and Blendtec are among the best. A blender with high motor speed can blend through ingredients without even cutting them into smaller pieces. Common personal blenders cannot withstand several blends within a short period. Blenders with low-quality engines tend to burn out after some time.

Glass or Plastic Container

Blenders with plastic containers are less heavier than the ones with glass containers. But, plastic containers keep odors and are capable of getting stained. Glass containers do not absorb odor and do not stain. Both models have measurements by the sides and do not affect blend quality. Plastic containers are more durable and common than glass containers.

Speed Controls

Blender controls differ from model to model. Some may have buttons on the control and some touchpads which is easier to clean. Likewise, speed control differs across different models of blenders. Some blenders come with flip switches but limit the speed levels to only two.

There are blenders which offer between 3-16 speed levels. Blenders with more than 12-speed levels can confuse you when it comes to differentiating one speed from another. You should look out for a blender with a pulse setting that allows you to blend in a short burst. This prevents over processing.

Long-Term Warranty

People depend on blenders to execute one or two culinary tricks. Don’t be amazed when things break-down. Blenders tend burning out as a result of heavy duty usage. Look for a blender with more extended warranty whether you plan to use it always or once in a while.

A longer warranty gives you the motivation to exercise and use the features of the blender in many ways. More expensive blenders come with longer warranties and are used in heavy-duty tasks.

Ease of Cleaning

Try as much as possible to avoid buying a blender that you have to disassemble before cleaning. This will take much of your time and can decrease your motivation to use the blender freely. Such situations of dissembling can lead to potential damage if not done correctly. A blender should be cleaned by adding hot water and dish-washing detergent to blend for a minute.

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